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Dental Research Study

Only 7 More Participants Needed For Tooth Decay Research Study Free Dental Exams, Free Dental Products & Free Check-Up X-Rays During The Study

“We originally needed 30 participants for this study, but now we are looking for 7 more participants. They should be 12-65 years of age, and unlikely to move from the area during the next two and a half years,” said Jan Gabus, DDS. “Participants can have tooth decay now, within the past few years or have been cavity free all their lives.”

Dr. Gabus and 29 other dentists in the Bay Area are participating in the CAMBRA-PBRN (Caries Management by Risk Assessment-Practice Based Research Network) tooth decay study developed by the University of California’s San Francisco School of Dentistry and funded by the California Dental Association Foundation. It will consider all the factors relevant to the patient’s tooth decay risk, focusing on the causes and new ways to prevent tooth decay.

This is the first dental research conducted in private dental offices. It utilizes a network of 30 dentist offices—a mix of general practitioners and pediatric dentists selected from private practice, large group practices, and community clinics. The study involves 900 dental patients and will last 2 1/2 years.

“We want to find out if specific preventive treatments that participants apply at home will prevent tooth decay. This study will show if these preventative treatments can be as successful in the real world as they were at UCSF Dental School,” Dr. Gabus continued.

The study needs participants to visit Dr. Gabus four times in the next two years, as often as people normally see their dentists. At the initial appointment and at each 6-month cleaning, participants will receive free bacterial screenings, saliva flow checks, decay risk assessments, and depending on their risks for future decay, they will receive preventative products to use at home. The screening, assessment and products are free. Routine care like exams, cleanings and fillings will be billed to the participants or their dental insurance.

“At the end of the study, we will know more about the prevention of tooth decay and the care of cavities, and these particular patients will be much healthier for participating in this important research,” Dr. Gabus added.

To learn more about the CAMBRA study or to volunteer for it, please review the FAQs or contact Dr. Jan Gabus at 650-325-7711.


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