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The New Adventures of Dr. Jan Gabus

Four Corners

Many people ask Dr. Gabus, "What's your next adventure?"

Each year he embarks on a lengthy bike ride, raising funds for Palo Alto charities. And this year was no exception.

His 6-day bike ride on the mountain roads of Colorado took him to altitudes ranging from 8,000 feet to 12,00 feet. The views were breathtaking as was the ride. It was one of his most challenging rides thus far. Take a look at his 2012 album.

Since 2006, Dr. Gabus has raised more than $46,000 for the Mid-Peninsual Dental Health Foundation (MPDHF).

"MPDHF provides low cost dental care for the working poor in our area who do not have dental insurance or government assistance," said Dr. Gabus. "For 42 years it has helped hundreds of children and adults 'keep on smiling'. And, as one of the general dentists providing care to those who use MPDHF services, helping them helps me smile too."

Here's how you can help Dr. Gabus raise funds for MPDHF:

Contribute funds to support his ride. Dr. Gabus' goal is to raise $10,000 for MPDHF. Any amount will help.

100% of all contributions go towards dental care, as MPDHF is an all-volunteer organization with no administrative costs.

Go to The Pledge Page to download the pledge form and return it to our office.

You can make an investment in someone's smile, giving a lifelong benefit to someone who needs it and will benefit greatly from your generosity, whether it's $5.00 or $50.

"Twenty-five years ago I moved to the Bay Area and met Dr. Gabus. He is the best dentist I ever had. I always recommend him to my friends."
- RS, San Jose
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